Keces Audio Ephono Phono Preamp + ext. PS


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Best bang for the buck phono preamplifier we know
From the start, almost 20 years ago, we never had the intention of selling electronics or loudspeakers. However, as a distributor of Keces Audio power supplies, we felt we are obliged to offer you the very best phono preamp we’ve heard in this price range. It will easily compete with preamps in the price range up to 2000 Euros. Just listen to it and enjoy your vinyl collection like never before!
The combination of an external power supply and a separate phono preamplifier is not new. The ground breaking price of the Keces Ephono however, is really something new and unheard of until now for this quality. Phono signals are very delicate ones, they may not even have a magnitude of one thousandth of a Volt. Due to this, the slightest disturbance leads to hum and/or distortion. The power supply, with its large transformer, is one strong source of hum and vibration. The best solution is to mount it in a separate enclosure, and the idea of a separate, external power supply was born.
Soundwise, the Ephono is very accurate, fast and musical. It will faithfully reproduce what’s on your records, no less, and no more. This phono preamplifier is virtually hum and noise free, with almost no distortion.

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