Keces Audio S300 Power Amplifier


A Wolf in sheep’s clothing at an incredibly low price
The Taiwan based company Keces Audio brings us a killer of a power amplifier. It turns out to be so good, we couldn’t resist it. We normally only sell accessories, but we make an exception for this great little amplifier. From its rock solid bass to the finely tuned mids and high frequencies, it’s all combined into this amplifier. It puts out tremendous power – it sounds a lot more powerful than the specs may suggest. Even very demanding loudspeakers (electro- and magneto-static) will be driven with ease! We never saw an amplifier with such an outstanding price/performance ratio.
No matter how you look at it, all components inside and out are of perfect quality. The case is made of beefy 4 mm thick brushed, anodised aluminum, the huge custom made toroidal transformer is two times more powerful than strictly needed and has separate windings for each channel. The electronics are kept cool by two enormous heat sinks while all in- and outputs are beefy and of very high quality. Designs this thorough are highly unusual in this price range.
This versatile amplifier can be set up to meet very different demands. In the first place, it has both symmetrical XLR style inputs as well as the traditional unbalanced phono-type inputs. A simple switch is used to choose between these inputs. In the second place, the outputs can be switched from stereo operation to mono BTL (bridge) operation, in this mode the amplifier puts out a tremendous 360 Watts of continuous power, which may be useful to drive power hungry speakers. The mono block configuration is simply a must, giving you even more tranquility and dynamics, with improved musicality.
The sound is very neutral, no part of the frequency spectrum is emphasized. Its sound is fast, with great sound staging and a rock solid bass that seems to have no bottom at all. Mids and highs are transparent but musical at the same time, without any hint of harshness. You’ll find yourself just listening to your music, without being a sceptical audiophile.

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