Mains Multiplier 8


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  • ‘Star-wired’ phase, neutral and earth for best performance
  • Protects all eight contacts by the Pulse Protector inside
  • Four HF filtered output sockets
  • IEC C13 input connector gives the freedom to use preferred power cord
- Clever indicator for proper mains connection

Working principle

The Mains Multiplier 8 is not a regular multiple socket, more a work of art made on a CNC machine that shapes this form out of one piece of synthetic material. Yes… synthetic! The results speak for themselves, optical as well as electrical.

The type of the eight sockets is chosen because of the high contact pressure, which is obvious when putting in or pulling out a power plug. More contact pressure and an optimal contact surface do create a low resistance value which is very important for a good power distribution.
The wiring from phase, neutral and earth is connected by a star principle. Every output has its own wiring towards the input connector. Peaks in the current or interference signals that appear on the earth contacts of one socket will now have less effect on the other sockets.

Just behind the IEC input connector a Pulse Protector is integrated. This prevents peaks and pulses to reach your equipment. For more information, read about the Pulse Protector elsewhere on this site. Two outputs are fitted with internal high frequency filters which contribute to a natural sound and detailed image.

Clever phase indicator

The Mains Multiplier 8 has a very clever way to indicate that it is connected to the mains supply the right way. Two LED’s will show you if the Mains Multiplier 8 has an input voltage, if earth is present and if the mains supply’s phase is connected properly.

If the Mains Multiplier 8 is connected the right way, you will see two green lights. If one light is off or one light is red, something is wrong with your connection. Have a look at the figure for an explanation of the different indications.

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