Noise Eater


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Working principle

Interference mostly arise on the network when switching a device on or off, but the disturbances can also be induced by industry in the neighbourhood or elevators in the building. Also computers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, power drills and many other to the mains supply connected appliances can cause interferences.

Low distortion on your mains supply is hard to detect, you need assistance of special measurement equipment. The effect of the distortion however is very audible. You need a special filter to clean your mains supply without slowing down currents.

The Noise Eater is a parallel filter, this means that the mains supply current which feeds your audio equipment will not flow through the components of the filter. In fact the filter is only ‘monitoring’ the mains supply and then traps the distortion signals. Currents will not slow down and the distortion will be gone!

The Noise Eater circuit has been extensively tested, to ensure the sound character of the music remains intact! The circuit itself has been poured into resin to prevent it from vibrating. Even the shell of the Noise Eater is a solid piece of POM-C material brought into shape by a CNC lathe.
So the Noise Eater IS not just a great filter….. it also has the LOOKS of a great filter!

Where to use?

Like the Pulse Protector, the Noise Eater also has to be placed close to your equipment, preferably in the same (wall) socket where also the power plugs of the audio equipment are connected to.

The Noise Eater can be used for devices as CD-players, D/A-converters, tuners, phono stages, but also amplifiers will benefit, even large ones! Several Noise Eaters in one (wall) socket is in most cases useless, one Noise Eater in each (wall) socket is a good idea, but feel free to do experiments…

The Noise Eater is not critical to phase, you can just plug the Noise Eater in the wall socket or multiple socket.

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