HiFi-Tuning Diamond Supreme³ Copper Fuse 5×20 mm


Basically the same fuse as the Supreme³ Copper fuse, enriched with a diamond

It has been proved time after time and is undisputed that gemstones have a positive effect on us humans due to their very high natural vibrations. This is generally known, especially in healing science and quantum physics. After we did some listening tests with different gemstones and minerals, such as emerald, ruby, diamond and some other minerals, we could clearly pick the diamond as the gemstone, which – if correctly integrated – gave the sound a much more powerful, clear and dynamic reproduction.

Certainly, the fuses inside your audio & video equipment are amongst the most underestimated components. All current that is drawn from the mains has to go through a tiny piece of thin wire inside this very cheap part. In most cases, a large amount of money has been invested in expensive powercords and other mains related accessories. However, there is no accessory that will bypass the bottleneck in the power delivery of your system that is called the fuse. Huge enhancements can be achieved with little effort by replacing the stock fuses by HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ fuses which are specifically designed for audio/video applications.

In the HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ Copper Fuse, the caps as well as the melting wire consist of Cardas Low Eddy Copper, fitted in a black ceramic tube. The caps are gold plated to prevent oxidation. These fuses have got a cryogenic and WA-Quantum treatment. The fuses are fully hand-built in Germany and individually packaged in a luxury box.

The impact on your sound can best be described as a highly musical yet nicely detailed sound. In fact, the good properties of the original HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ copper fuse are improved in this fuse by far.

Supreme³ microfuses from HiFi-Tuning by Daniel Plaßmann @ audiophil-online.com
“First I used the Supreme3 copper fuse and started my listening session almost obligatorily with the album ‘Love Me Tender’ by Barb Jungr (Linn Records 2005). In the first track ‘Love Letters’ the Celesta sounded less sharp in the first few bars, but not a bit soft. On the contrary: the keystrokes were clearer, brighter, shinier – and due to the lower sharpness, they lived up to their French word origin and sounded heavenly in the truest sense of the word. Barb Jungr’s voice, which started shortly afterwards, had more volume, was therefore more present and also clearer. And the cello in the middle of the piece impressed with more distinct melodiousness and much more audible vibrato.

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