VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR jumper bridges consist of the 6 single conductors of the SC-6 AIR speaker cables. Each of these conductors contain 6 single conductors, which are arranged in a circular fashion around isolating Air Pipes.

The set-up of combining air pipes with transmitting strands ensures a physical separation of the conductors and thus of all frequencies. The result: No disturbing temporary hold of electrical charges, so-called capacity, within the cable. The Air Pipe system also prevents inductivity, unwanted magnetic fields.

VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR jumper bridges guarantee a complete and fast signal transmission true to the original. Enjoy brilliantly isolated musical elements and impressive timbres.

Hear every single detail
• 3 main conductors each containing 6 single conductors – 1x high-pass, 1x mid, 1x low-pass
• 342 single strands with 3 Airpipes per cable bridge
• High-pass silvered, mid tinned, low-pass pure OFC copper

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