T8 * RCA PLUG * 2 pairs

Vanaf 94.00

High-end plug connection

  • Uniquely shaped contact crown to optimize contact pressure and provide a tight connection
  • 24 carat real gold-plated
  • Outer shell made of black, satin-matt aluminum
  • Strain relief provided by one M4-hexagon socket screw 1.5 mm

2 versions available

  • Solder version: Cable diameters: 4 – 9.5 mm
  • Screw version: Cable diameters: 6 – 8 mm

Additional features

  • Solder version: 2 diameter decreasers to comfortably adjust to various cable diameters
Screw version: Completely closed tubular ground contact for a complete insulation and shielding.
  • Two strain relief screws provide a strong hold of the cable

Assembly instructions
T6s rca plug solder version:
For cable assembly, contacts can be completely separated from their shell. Stripped cable ends are soldered on the contact piece.
T6s rca plug screw version:
Cables are stripped off their insulation and inserted into the inner pin of the RCA plug. The screening (braided or not braided ground strands) is then twisted and wrapped around the cable next to the black insulation. Please only wrap it around once and cut off any remains. Once in the pin cylinder, the pin-screw and inner strain relief screw are tightened. To conclude the assembly, the outer shell is put in place and the outer screws are tightened.

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