VIABLUE™ NF-S6 AIR Silver RCA analogue cable: Our reference audio cable for a First Class listening experience. Specifically designed for the transmission of analogue signals, NF-S6 AIR cables provide a clear, natural and perfectly well rounded sound. All frequencies are rendered in great detail and true to the original

The unique structure of the NF-S6 AIR includes an Air Pipe System, which creates an air-filled space in the center of 12 conductors. These conductors form a perfect circle around an Air Pipe. This set-up allows for a complete separation of the conductors, which forms the basis of a complete and fast signal transmission true to the original.

The result: No disturbing temporary hold of electrical charges, so-called capacity, within the cable. The Air Pipe system also prevents inductivity, unwanted magnetic fields. This leads to a rapid and pure transmission of all signals and full sound patterns.
Transmission of analogue signals with natural and perfectly well rounded sound
2x 6 signal conductors consiting of each 19 silver-plated OFC copper strands

6 shields: 100% interference free
3 ALU-PET golden, concealed foil shields
3 contra-rotating tinned OFC copper spiral shields
Our guarantee for a first-class and wide range listening experience
VIABLUE™ Airpipe System with 23 airpipes
Low capacity of approx. 93 pF/m
Complete and fast signal transmission
No disturbing temporary hold of electrical charges within the cable
Additional features:
Soft banding and satin matt cable sheath

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