NF-S1 * RCA/3.5 AUDIO * STEREO * (1 pc)

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The ultimate aim of any high-end Hi-Fi cable is, to convey music exactly the way, it was recorded. Even the most subtle musical timbres need to be displayed in the original fashion. The VIABLUE™ NF-S1 transmits all frequencies completely genuine and precise. By combining several different materials, the NF-S1 excels with transparent sonic images, clean basses and a very detailed high range rendition. For even the finest frequencies

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  • Interference free connection of devices with a 3.5 mm audio output and RCA
  • input
2 inner conductors made of tinned OFC copper
  • Each 19x 0.19 mm single strands
Polyethylene insulation
  • Four shields “Quattro Silver“:
 2 silvered spiral shields
  • 2 ALU-PET foil shields

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