ViaBlue™ NF-B subwoofer cables are specially designed LF cables which play the bass range with full acoustic power and pressure. The capacitance between inner conductor and screen is maximized by a very thick inner conductor. LDPE thermoplastic is used as insulation, thus increasing the capacitance even further for the same dimensions. This results in capacitive values of 128 pF/m.

ViaBlue™ NF-B Subwoofer cables have been developed specifically for connecting subwoofers. Because the signal transfer focuses on the bass range it receives maximum boost so that the signal power is not degraded even over longer signal paths. Consequently, the subwoofers can be positioned to make the most of the room acoustics.

The extremely thick inner conductor of the NF-B subwoofer interconnect creates a high acoustic pressure for subwoofers. The triple shield constructed from a double, reverse spiral wound sheath and the LDPE semi-conducting layer shields the massive inner conductor.

Technical specifications:
Outer diameter: 8 mm
Capacity: 125 pF/M
Screenings: 3 (2X spiral screen / 1X LDPE)
Finishing: tinned copper
Play in time: appr. 16 hours

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