Synergistic Research Master Fuse


Master Fuse is an entirely new kind of fuse. In the past Synergistic Research developed the highest resolution fuse given the current technology while voicing their fuses to complement a maximum number of systems. And for over a decade, as newly developed technologies came online, like new UEF Compounds and new conditioning processes, They have applied them to the next generation of cutting-edge fuses, usually every two years. Of course, SR is striving for maximum resolution plus the warmth needed for most systems to sound musical. But they never could press resolution and other sonic traits as far as they could have.

Enter Master Fuse; the first Synergistic Research fuse developed expressly for full resolution, dynamics, soundstaging, speed, and impact without the need to create musicality as a system-wide fuse loom. Instead, we engineered Master Fuse to work alongside Purple and Orange fuses to create dramatic new levels of sonic realism, featuring wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling soundstaging with unparalleled resolution, dynamics, and frequency extension.

Best of all, most systems will not benefit from more than one or possibly two Master Fuses in an otherwise complete loom of Purple and or Orange fuses. So you start with a single Master Fuse on your DAC or line conditioner and realize guaranteed results or your money back for the first 30 days. You can then experiment sparingly with additional Master Fuses if you wish to go further. The choice is yours.

Note: If you are switching from an Orange or Purple fuse to a Master fuse, start by inserting the Master fuse in the same direction as the Master fuse being replaced. If the Master fuse is not an immediate improvement, flip the Master fuse in the alternate direction.


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