Keces Audio BP2400 Balanced Isolation Power Conditioner


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Clean balanced power for your entire audio/video set
The most important part is a custom made toroidal transformer, which provides a true balanced and isolated voltage, free of DC offset, consisting of 2 voltages of 115 Volts  out of phase. The benefit of true balanced voltage is that it has a high degree of distortion rejection. Thus, all mains related equipment are able to work better. Both shielded and unshielded power cords hardly emit any electrical fields, and all mains filters (serial or parallel) work much more efficient with balanced power!
A huge toroidal transformer is housed inside the unit. This type of transformers have several benefits over ordinary (block) transformers, for instance, the efficiency is better (typically less heat dissipating), size is smaller, and weight is only half that of an ordinary transformer having the same power. And, very important to us, the radiation field of toroidal transformers is just approximately 10 % of that of the block transformer.
To obtain a really good transformer, the quality of the core-material is very important. This material greatly determines, how good the energy storage and filtering is. Even the way, the wire is wound onto the core is decisive, as it determines the noise rejection and output symmetry. In the transformer, between the primary and secondary windings, there’s a static shield, which prevents noise coming through to the output due to capacitive coupling.
The BP-2400 has an inrush current limiter incorporated, so your domestic fuse won’t blow upon powering it up. The BP-Series power conditioner also incorporates a surge protection, it protects connected equipment through innovative series mode surge suppression that also pays attention to keeping the power clean. Most surge suppression circuits are shunt mode. Excessive voltage surges are “shunted” to ground, which raises ground voltage and may contaminate audio and video signals. KECES design absorbs surges more than 2 V above peak line voltage, so ground is not affected. KECES further innovates by using the Toroidal Isolation transformer. This ensures extremely low stray magnetic fields within the chassis. It completely replaces the series inductors (filters) typically used by other brands.
Since with balanced power the two voltages are of opposite polarity, and given that most interference in a typical AC line is common between the two lines, the noise in the lines is eliminated when the two lines are added together. This is widely known as Common Mode Rejection (CMR).
The dynamic range of any A/V set will be limited by the amount of noise on the mains. All equipment in the chain is sensitive to this noise. The weakest link in your A/V chain determines the maximum performance of the entire A/V set. That’s why we advise you to connect all your equipment to the BP-2400. This way, you’ll have the maximum performance of your A/V set.

Sonically the most important benefit of the BP-2400 is a cleaner and more powerful sound and picture. In addition, sound will be more tranquil and the soundstage will be deeper.The transformer used, adds extra power to your sound due to the inductive energy storage and very low impedance. This causes kettledrums and bass guitars to sound more realistic than ever. Bass response goes down to very low fundamentals, is more taut and better defined, in addition, the harmonic range widens, the soundstage becomes less clogged, and sounds more dynamically.

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